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Roof Cleaning

Roofs can become very unsightly due to organic growths like moss and lichen. 

There are several different methods used when cleaning a roof. Osprey Softwash roof cleaning is by far the most effective way to clear moss or lichen.
First, Osprey Softwash would carry out a visual roof inspection to identify the contaminates growing on your home roof. If moss is needed to be removed we would cover areas around the roof with suitable covering ready for the moss removing process, then start to remove the deposits of moss manually using extendable hand held tools. Once we are satisfied the bulk of the moss has been removed manually, we would then apply the soft wash treatment to the tiles using our specialist soft wash equipment, this is when the soft wash gets to work and starts to kill any remaining moss, algae and lichens from the root that are still on the roof. All our experienced staff are trained, qualified and insured to be working at height. Not only will soft washing clean and restore your roof without the worry of any damage occurring but it will also protect the roof from any regrowth for many months / years to come.

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